Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize

Who is Dr. Hideyo Noguchi?

"I shall not return to my native home if I do not achieve my objective."

This is the phrase Dr. Hideyo Noguchi inscribed on the pillar of his parents’ home when he decided to come up to Tokyo.
Seisaku Noguchi (Dr. Noguchi’s childhood name) who got his left hand burned seriously at the age of 1 got to know medical wonderfulness, after undergoing Dr. Kanae Watanabe's operation at the age of 15, and he aspired after the professional medical career.
A young man Seisaku who changed his name in “ Hideyo “ at the age of 21 " was supported by many people, came to play active role in the world, and left many results.
His great efforts and courage dedication to medical studies are the origin of Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize.

Who is Dr. Hideyo Noguchi?


Nov. 29, 2019
Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Newsletter No.16 issued
Oct. 2, 2019
Publicity Activities: Exhibition at Global Festa Japan 2019


The Presentation Ceremony of the First Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize was held on 28th May 2008. The Prize marks the 80th anniversary of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi's death. The Second Ceremony was held on 1st June 2013.
The Presentation Ceremony of the Third Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize hosted by Prime Minister was held on 30th August 2019 in Tokyo.


The donation fund was established to finance the award money that is contributed primarily by the Government of Japan. The donation fund is also open to the public for donation and contribution.