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Message By Dr. Peter PIOT

 I am deeply honoured and grateful to have been considered for this award. Dr Noguchi holds a special place in the history of medical research, and the originality of his work on syphilis, yellow fever, leptospirosis, trachoma and other infectious diseases is recognised worldwide. His courage and dedication both in the laboratory and in the field have inspired generations of researchers; he was an internationalist, and in many ways a pioneer of what we now call global health. He has been an inspiration for my own work on infectious diseases in Africa, where I have tried to bridge laboratory science, population based research, policy and action on the ground to save lives.

 As well as recognising the legacy of Dr Noguchi, the Japanese Government has shown tremendous vision in fostering a collaborative approach to the global challenges we now face, and particularly its commitment to Africa through the Tokyo International Conference on African Development and Yokohama Action Plan initiatives.   

 Personally, I must thank my family and the many amazing colleagues around the world who have supported and mentored me over the past 40 years - across Africa, in Europe, the USA and Japan, and later at UNAIDS.

 While we have collectively achieved many successes against infectious diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and many other diseases are far from being under control, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. New pathogens will continue to emerge, and we all must sustain current local and global efforts for many years to come. 

Addressing community in Zambia, Livingston.

Dr. Kapita and Colleagues at the Hospital of Kinshasa.

Dr.Colebunders and nurses in clinical research Room, Kinshasa, Zaire.1985.

Addressing UN General Assembly in 2005
(Photo by UNAIDS)

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