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Refugees who are moving(img)

Refugees who are moving

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Refugee's children

Located at the center of Africa, Rwanda saw the suppression and persecution of the Tutsi, an ethnic minority, which intensified after the Hutu seized power in 1961. The Tutsi formed the Rwandan Patriotic Front ( RPF ) in 1990 and started an armed struggle, which plunged Rwanda into civil war. Extremist Hutu massacred not only Tutsi, but also moderate Hutu, creating massive numbers of internally displaced persons ( IDP s) around the border area. After the RPF seized power in July 1994, many Hutu who feared retaliation by Tutsi crossed the border as refugees. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) made an appeal to the international community, seeking support for refugees and returnees in Rwanda and Burundi.


Material assistance Aug. 1994 Contribution in kind to UNHCR for the Relief of Rwandan Refugees
Humanitarian relief Sept.1994 International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Rwandan Refugees