Capital: Kathmandu


Nepalese Street(img)

Nepalese Street

Since 1996 Nepal had seen ongoing armed conflict between the Nepalese army and the Maoists. In January 2007, following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in November 2006 which brought an end to the conflict, the United Nations set up the United Nations Mission in Nepal ( UNMIN ). Its mandate included monitoring the management of arms and armed personnel of both the Nepalese army and the Maoists. Japan dispatched six Self-Defense Force personnel as military observers to the UNMIN from March 2007 to January 2011.

On April 10, 2008, an election for a Nepalese Constituent Assembly was held as the country's post-conflict peace process progressed. Because elected members of the Constituent Assembly were to draft Nepal's new constitution that would provide the foundation for rebuilding the nation, the election was considered critical. Japan dispatched 24 election observers to ensure that a free and fair election was held.


PKO Mar. 2007 International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Nepal
Material assistance Mar. 2008 International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Nepal Election Observation