Capital Maputo seen from sea(img)

Capital Maputo seen from sea

TRUCKS are a main form of transportation(img)

TRUCKS are a main form of

Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony from the latter half of the 19th century, gained independence in 1975 through movements led by the Liberation Front of Mozambique ( FRELIMO ) that mobilized in the 1960s. After independence, a civil war between FRELIMO , then in power, and the Mozambican National Resistance ( RENAMO ), an anti-government organization, continued. The war ended in 1992 with peace accords. The United Nations Operation in Mozambique ( ONUMOZ ) was established in 1992 to implement the ceasefire and disarmament, and to observe the elections as well as to provide humanitarian assistance.


PKO May. 1993 International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Mozambique
Material assistance July. 1994 Contibution in kind to ONUMOZ