Capital:Pristina (Prishtine)


Kosovo was an autonomous state in the Republic of Serbia that had been part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1998, a major armed conflict broke out between the Kosovo Liberation Army ( KLM ), which sought the separation and independence of Kosovo, and Serbian security forces. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia accepted a peace plan in June 1999 and the conflict ended. The United Nations established the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo ( UNMIK ) to lead administrative operations and authorized the Kosovo Force ( KFOR ) to take charge of security. An assembly election for establishing the provisional self-government was held peacefully in November 1999. Japan recognized the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state on March 18, 2008.


Material assistance Apr. 1999 Contribution in kind to UNHCR for the Relief of Kosovar Refugees
Election monitoring Nov. 2001 International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Kosovo