Golan Heights


Syrian Arab Republic


State of Israel

Capital:Jerusalem (not internationally recognized)


People shout across the valley to people on the other side(img)

The valley gained its name -
the Shouting Valley - because
on special occasions separated
families gather on each side and
shout across

The Golan Heights are a rocky plateau located in southwest Syria. This is not only a strategic military area due to its geographical position that oversees the Jordan River basin, but also a vital water source for the neighboring countries. Israel occupied the Golan Heights in the third Arab-Israeli War in 1967. Though Syria recaptured it temporarily during the Fourth Arab-Israeli War in 1973, Israel subsequently reoccupied it. Tension still remains today.
Following the Agreement on Disengagement between Syria and Israel in 1974, the United Nations established the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force ( UNDOF ), in order to observe the ceasefire and disengagement.


Material assistance Dec. 1995 Contribution in kind to UNDOF 
PKO Jan. 1996 International Peace Cooperation Assignment in the Golan Heights
Material assistance Jan. 2013 Contribution in kind to UNDOF