Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Newsletter No.20January 2024

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The Fourth Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Laureates visited Japan

Courtesy Call to Prime Minister Kishida (Source: Website of the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan)

The invitation program for the laureates took place from 13th to 17th March 2023.
The invitees included Dr. Salim S. Abdool Karim and Dr. Quarraisha Abdool Karim, who were jointly awarded for their global contributions to HIV/AIDS research, prevention and treatment in the Medical Research Category, which made great contribution, not only to Africa, but also to the whole world, as well as two staff members, Mr. Adam Weiss (Director of the Guinea Worm Eradication Program) and Ms. Meagan Martz (Senior Associate Director of the Carter Center), who were representing the Carter Center, being awarded for the Guinea Worm Eradication Program as the organization laureate in the Medical Services Category, which has been recognized for achieving near complete elimination of the disease with the African partnership.

  • Welcome ceremony hosted by Cabinet Office
  • Lecture and Dialogue event organized
    by the African Society of Japan

The invitation program aimed to disseminate the achievements of the laureates in Japan and to deepen exchange with the Japanese public at large during their stay in Japan. It was a good opportunity for the public to learn more about their achievements, and also to deepen the understanding about the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize itself. Specifically, the Welcome Ceremony was held by the Cabinet Office, followed by the courtesy calls to their Majesties Emperor and Empress, and a meeting with Prime Minister Kishida. And there were commemorative lectures and symposiums hosted by organizations related to African development as well as a medical university. Moreover, they visited Fukushima Prefecture and Yokohama City, both of which have strong ties with Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, and grand welcoming events were held there.

  • Symposium co-organized by JICA, UNDP and Cabinet Office

  • Lecture session organized
    by Nippon Medical School

  • Visit of the YCU and dialogue
    with the professors

  • Nagahama Hall
    (Bacterial Laboratory)

  • Courtesy Call to Governor of Fukushima and International Exchange Special Ambassador Certificate Ceremony

  • Visit of Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum

Conducting the Commendation Ceremony of the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon

The Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon was awarded to the Japan Medical Association and Toyota Tsusho Corporation respectively for their contributions to the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Fund. In response, the Cabinet Office held a commendation ceremony on 13 July 2023 in the Office of the Vice-Minister.
At the ceremony, Vice Minister Hiroshi TAWA handed over the award certificates to MD Toru KAKUTA, Vice-President of the Japan Medical Association, and Mr. Ichiro KASHITANI, President and CEO of Toyota Tsusho Corporation. In addition to expressing his congratulations on their being awarded with the Medal and his appreciation for their contribution to the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Fund, Vice-Minister Tawa stated that the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize, which is one of the momentous components of the TICAD process, plays an important role in combating diseases as well as improving public health and welfare in Africa, and that this awarding is a recognition of their strong contributions to the Japan's Development Assistance for Africa.

(in the middle: Vice-President Kakuta and President &CEO Kashitani, left: Vice-Minister Tawa,
right: Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination Otsuka)

Awarding Ceremony of Certificate of Appreciation from the Government

The “Certificate of Appreciation System” has been established to award those who have made significant contributions to the HNAP fund, and a ceremony was held for awarding them.

Outline of Certificate of Appreciation System

In February 2023, the Japanese Government established a new awarding system under which the Prime Minister, the Minister of State, Chief Cabinet Secretary, and the Director General presents an appreciation letter to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the development of the Noguchi Hideyo Africa Prize Fund through huge donations to the Fund. (Decision of the Prime Minister dated February 24, 2023, “Outline of the Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation by the Prime Minister and others for the Contributors to the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Fund”)

Under this new system, the awardees were selected, and the certificates were awarded them at the welcome ceremony hosted by the Cabinet Office on the occasion of the official invitation of the 4th Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize laureates and representatives of the awarded institution to Japan.

List of Awardees (in alphabetical order)

Ain Holdings Inc.

Fumakilla Limited

Japan Dental Association

Japan Pharmaceutical Association

Japan Veterinary Medical Association

Nippon Medical School Alumni

Nipro Corporation

Noguchi Medical Research Institute

Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

The Real Estate Companies Association of Japan

One other company


Volunteers offer flowers at the 96th Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Day Ceremony

Graveside Service and Scholarship Award Ceremony at Woodlawn Cemetery in New York City

The New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Society (HNMS) (Representative: Dr. Shunichi Homma), which continues its grave maintenance activities to honor the achievements of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, a world-class bacteriologist born in Japan, to pass on his legacy to future generations, and to support young Japanese researchers who wish to pursue medicine in the United States, held the “96th Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Day Graveside Service” and the “6th New York Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Scholarship Award Ceremony” at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York on May 21st. As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic subside, the movement of people on the streets of the Bronx, New York has returned in full swing. This year’s anniversary of Dr. Noguchi's death fell on a Sunday for the first time in six years, and the number of attendees at his gravestone, which included local Japanese people and volunteers who wanted to commemorate this great predecessor and pass on his spirit and legacy to future generations, was more than 1.5 times that of last year, with about 50 people in attendance, making this event the most successful one in recent years.

Graveside service for the 96th Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Day Graveside Service”
(Photo courtesy of the New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Society)

Surrounded by lush greenery and seasonal flowers after the night rain had cleared, the ceremony started at 11:00 a.m. at Woodlawn Cemetery with greetings by Mr. Yoshio Kano, HNMS Executive Director. Honored guests Mr. Shunichi Homma and Jeannopoulous, President of Woodlawn Cemetery also addressed the attendees. Ambassador Mikio Mori, Consul General of Japan in New York, then spoke of his deep connection to the “Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize,” including his close involvement leading up to the Japanese government establishing the prize in 2008 as the Director of the Second Africa Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He expressed his gratitude to the “New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Society,” “Rockefeller University,” “Woodlawn Cemetery,” and the “New York Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA),” as well as to the New York Fukushima Kenjinkai, the New York Japanese-American Lions Club for their support of the maintenance of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi's grave and the scholarship program. Ms. Sayoko Takeda, President of the New York Fukushima Kenjinkai also made remarks.
As a highlight of the ceremony, a warm message from Mr. Ichiro Kurane, Executive Director of the Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Foundation based in Dr. Hideyo Noguchi’s birthplace of Inawashiro, Fukushima, was delivered by Dr. Yanagisawa, Former President of the Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA), deeply touching the attendees there. Vanessa Ortega, Consul of the Consulate General of Mexico in New York, gave an address on this day, remarking that Dr. Hideyo Noguchi had successfully developed a vaccine in Mexico for the yellow fever epidemic there in 1919, saving many lives.

  • (Yoshio Kano, HNNY Executive Director)
  • (Award recipient Dr. Tetsuhiro Harimoto and
    Ambassador Mori)

The “6th New York Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Scholarship Award Ceremony” was held at this venue on the same day. The name of this year's award recipient is Dr. Tetsuhiro Harimoto. Dr. Harimoto was born in Hyogo Prefecture and raised in Tokyo. Dr. Harimoto moved to North America when entering university, and after graduating from the University of Toronto’s Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology in Canada, he completed his research for the doctoral course in Biomedical Engineering at the Columbia University in New York and received his PhD. Currently a young Japanese researcher at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, Dr. Harimoto is devoted to the research and development of bacteria-mediated anticancer drug formulation, and his future research findings are highly anticipated. The New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Scholarship was established in 2018 with donations from Toho Bank, Japan Medical Association (Tokyo), Japanese Medical Society of America, the International Association of Lions Clubs 332-D (Fukushima District), Tokyo Omori Lions Club, Koriyama West Rotary Club, and the New York Japanese-American Lions Club, the New York Fukushima Kenjinkai, and others. HNMS Executive Director Yoshio Kano expressed his enthusiastic aspirations for the future, stating, “We would like to further expand the scholarship in the future to support young Japanese researchers who wish to pursue a career in medicine in the United States.” After the ceremony, a modest reception was held on the beautiful lawn next to the cemetery.

  • (Gravestone of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi)

May 21, 2023

(Contributor: Yoshio Kano)

Yoshio Kano
New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Society (HNMS)
Email: yoshikano@verizon.net

Invitation for Donations for the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Fund

As part of the prize money to be awarded for this prize, we are inviting donations widely from those who support the idea of this prize. Your goodwill donations will be used to support the activities of people who are playing active roles in improving medical research and medical services in Africa.

About inquiries for donations, please contact
Citizen Participation Promotion Division, Domestic Strategy and Partnership Department,
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
E-MAIL: jicata-kifu1@jica.go.jp

  • Donations to Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize during 2007 – October 2023
    654,209,235 YEN [Individual: 2,079, Corporation or Foundation: 555 (TOTAL: 2,634)]
    Donations during April 2022 – October 2023 (as of October 2023)
    52,827,870YEN [Individual: 38, Corporation or Foundation: 88 (TOTAL: 126)]

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