【On sale May 31, 2013 】 Memorial Postage Stamps of the Second Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize

 To commemorate the award ceremony of the Second Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize to be held on June 1, 2013, post offices will start selling memorial postage stamps on May 31, 2013 (price: 800 yen per sheet containing ten 80 yen stamps). The issuance of stamps of Fukushima's hero, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, is also intended for supporting Fukushima.


A sweetroot flower

The motifs used:

  • Dr. Noguchi when he was a member of the Rockefeller Institute
  • Letter written by Dr. Noguchi's mother, Shika Noguchi, to her son in the United States
  • Microscope regularly used by Dr. Noguchi
  • Fukushima Prefecture's flower, Nemoto Shakunage (Rhododendron brachycarpum var. nemotoanum)


  • Globe that Dr. Noguchi regularly used
    A photograph of the globe that Dr. Noguchi regularly used, which is currently kept at the Noguchi Hideyo Memorial Hall in Inawashiro Town, Fukushima Prefecture, was taken for the design of the stamp, with the African Continent facing the front. 


  • A Sweetroot flower drawn by Dr. Noguchi
    Sweetroot flower drawn by Dr. Noguchi is designed in the outer frame of the stamps. Dr. Noguchi also had a talent for painting pictures, and has left many oil paintings and water-color paintings.