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Who is Dr. Hideyo Noguchi?

 Dr. Hideyo Noguchi was born in Fukushima prefecture, Japan in 1876.In spite of his left hand’s disability, he dreamed to be a doctor. He worked hard with passion. People called him “human dynamo”, while receiving great supports from people around him and became a medical doctor at the age of only twenty. Later, he went around the world and fought infectious diseases as a bacteriologist.

 The article of the life time of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, life history and images are provided by courtesy of The Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Association. 

- The Life Time of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi - Written by Teppei Morita, a curator, The Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Association

Life History of Hideyo Noguchi

Interview - What the Doctor Has Taught Us: Footsteps of the Doctor and His Friends, Yasuo Yago, Director of Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall


Dr. Alexander Mahaffey and Hideyo
Picture provided by The Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Association

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