Consumer Commission, Cabinet Office

About the Consumer Commission

The Consumer Commission was established in the Cabinet Office on September 1, 2009 with the aim of performing the following activities as an independent third party organization.

  • The Consumer Commission investigates and discusses various consumer issues and submits opinions (proposals,etc.) to relevant government ministries and agencies including the Consumer Affairs Agency.
  • The Consumer Commission conducts investigations and deliberations in response to inquiries of the Prime Minister, relevant Ministers or the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Agency.

Structure of the Consumer Commission

The Consumer Commission consists of commissioners (no more than 10) who are assigned by the Prime Minister. The Commission may set up temporary commissioners and expert commissioners as needed.

As it is necessary to deliberate a number of issues from a wide range of fields concerning consumer issues, the Commission conducts investigations and deliberations by setting up subsidiary committees (Committee on Food Labelling, Examination Committee for Newly Developed Food and Expert Examination Committee on Public Utility Rate, etc.) in addition to the plenary meetings.

Activities of the Consumer Commission

Main investigations and deliberations put forward by the Consumer Commission

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