Regulatory reform

Deepening and active promotion of regulatory reform is a key to solve important problems our society faces, including construction of an open economy full of vitality. Every government regulation had its reasons at the time of creation. Nevertheless, we must boldly and promptly seek reform of out-dated regulations which are hindering economic growth and innovation. On the other hand, creation of new regulations is necessary in some cases where, for example, people's safety is under threat.

To pursue this daunting task, the Council for the Promotion of Regulatory Reform was reorganized in January 2007. The new Council, an advisory body to the Prime Minister, deliberates important issues on regulatory reform as the previous Council which was established in April 2004. It also took over the functions of  Market Access Ombudsman CouncilThe new Council works in a close cooperation with the Headquarters for the Promotion of Regulatory Reform which is headed by the Prime Minister and made up of the full Cabinet.