Cool Japan Photo Contest for Foreigners 2023



“Cool Japan” refers to the appeal of Japan that render it cool in the eyes of the world. It can be transformed by reflecting global interests. In order to constantly evolve Cool Japan strategy, it is important to take a look at ”What is Cool?” from a foreigner’s perspective.
In the hope that you will discover and express the unique appeal of Japan that Japanese are not aware of, we are pleased to announce the Cool Japan Photo Contest for Foreigners 2023.

Winning works

Click here for Winning works


The Photograph that express the unique appeal of Japan.
(The hidden appeal that Japanese are not aware of.)


Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office Japan.


October 16,2023 - December 15,2023

Who may apply

The Contest is open for Foreigners who feel affection toward Japan
and who are living or lived in Japan.

How to submit

You can use Instagram for the submission.
*Only one photo is allowed per submission. Each person can submit up to five entries.


1、Please follow the Cool Japan Official account @CJPF_JP.

cool japan instagram
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2、Please add photo descriptions in the Caption.
  (ex. location, situations, date of shooting ,appeal point. Any
  languages are acceptable.)
3、Please add a hashtag #CJPF_JP.and bellow tag(if applicable).
 ・#JET : If you are / were a JET program member , please add
  (JET program : The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme)
 ・#INTL : If you are / were an international student , please add
4、Please Tag @CJPF_JP and upload.

Selection and Announcement of winners

Winners announcement is planned in April 2024 (TBD)
・Selection will be conducted by judges , who have a deep
 understanding of the appeal of Japan, including CJ Producers of
・Please note that Winners will be announced by DM(direct message)
 from the Cool Japan official account @CJPF_JP.
・Winner’s photos will be posted on the website of Cool Japan
 Also will be posted on SNS accounts of Cool Japan with winners
 Instagram account, country, title, comments of the photo.


Although the copyright of the submitted works belongs to the applicants, by the submission, applicants agree for the Cabinet Office Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters to use submitted photos for government activities (with corrections such as cropping as necessary to the submitted works and posting on the Cabinet Office Cool Japan website, official SNS accounts, etc.) by free of charge.


■Only one photo is allowed per submission. Each person can submit
 up to five entries. Also, only one award can be won per person.
■Please keep follow the Cool Japan official account @CJPF_JP until
 winners announcement.
■Any language will be accepted in the Caption to explain the photo.
■Entries must be taken by the applicant themselves; works that have
 won or been published in other contests will not be accepted.
■The photo with Image processing such as compositing or deforming
 will not accepted
 (Fine adjustment of brightness and color tone, cropping will
 be accepted)
■Photos taken on private land that is not accessible to the general
 public or in places where photography is prohibited will not be
■Regarding portrait rights of subjects and copyrights of copyright
 holders in submitted works, applicants are responsible for obtaining
 permission from all subjects and copyright holders before applying.
■In the event that a third party makes a complaint or complaint
 regarding the submitted work, such as infringement of rights or
 compensation for damages, the applicant shall bear all
■Entries that violate public order and morals will not be accepted.
■When using Instagram, please comply with the terms and conditions
 of that service before posting.
■Cabinet Office are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding
 the selection results.
■The contents of this outline may be changed without obtaining
 consent from applicants.