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Team in Charge of Assisting the Lives of Disaster Victims

The 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake caused enormous damage to the eastern part of the country. In spite of its unprecedented scale of destruction, however, the affected areas are recovering steadily and the infrastructure is being restored rapidly toward normal conditions.
We profoundly appreciate the support and encouragement extended from every corner of the world. Japan continues all-out efforts to bring the country more vigilant than before the disaster.

1. About this Team(PDF:314KB)open a new window

【reference】Outline of Government Headquarters in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake(PDF:314KB) (Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet)open a new window

2. Countermeasures and Current Situation by this Team

(a) Estimated Number of the Disaster Victims(PDF:29KB)open a new window
(b) Transition of the number of evacuees(PDF:111KB)open a new window
(c) Evacuees at Shelters(Three Prefectures) (PDF:28KB)open a new window
(d) Evacuees at Shelters(All Prefectures) (PDF:29KB)open a new window

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